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About Us

El Palacio Fiesta Salon



El Palacio Fiesta Salon is a place for fun, entertainment and enjoyment. Different events are booked from wedding,

birthday parties to barmitzvahs if you want fun this is the place to be! We provide our guests with the best services

possible because if their not happy were not happy. This is not your regular Salon as this uniqe style of arrangement

consists of various formats and multiple theme rooms. For kids birthday parties we provide a play section where kids

have tremendous amounts of fun. We also have our very own clown for parties that request those services, our clown

plays games with the children, creates balloon animals and also interacts with the crowd. Its a very fun experience as

one never forgets memorable parties such as the ones we are known for hosting. So go ahead and browse through our

website to see if our facilitation meets the standards that our guests are looking for in booking an event in El Palacio. Come and join the fun!









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